George Phillipson

George Phillipson was born in Bolton in 1923.

He was the son of Walter and Annie Phillipson of 29 Lower View, Hospital Road, Bromley Cross, Turton, Nr Bolton.

He was educated at St Anne’s Elementary School, Chapeltown, Turton before attending Bolton Church Institute.

George had one sister, Jeanne Phillipson, born in 1927.


George's War

George served as a Gunner with 3 Maritime Regiment, Royal Artillery - Army personel who provided gunnery defences onboard merchant ships.

He was killed when the ship on which he was serving was torpedoed by a German submarine on 2 April 1943. Two ships were sunk by enemy submarines that day; the SS Melbourne Star and the SS Gogra - on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Unfortunately there is no real consensus about which of the two ships George was on.

HIs name is on the memorial pulpit at St Anne's Church, Chapeltown, Turton.



George Phillipson

Gunner: 11422737

3 Maritime Regiment
Royal Artillery

Born: Bolton 1923

Died: at sea 2 April 1943

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Royal Artillery

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