Shirley Carrington Holmes

Shirley Carrington Holmes was born in Leicester in 1909.

He was the son of Shirley Frank and Annie May Holmes.

His father, Shirley Frank Holmes, was a bleacher and dyer .

Shirley married Florence Davidson in 1933 at St James’s Church, Breightmet, Bolton.

His occupation is given on the Church marriage register in 1933 as 'musician'.

(Shirley was originally a boy's name from the mid 19th Century but has long since been overtaken by use as a girl's name.)


Shirley's War

Shirley joined 15 Air Formation Signals, Royal Corps of Signals, which was an Army unit that existed to provide ground communications for the RAF. He appears to have served as a musician while in the Army.

He died as a result of several related lung conditions in St Richard's Hospital, Chichester, Sussex on 28 May 1944 and is buried at St James’s Church, Breightmet, Bolton.

The home address on his death certificate is given as 317 Wigan Road, Bolton.




Shirley Carrington Holmes

Sergeant: 2594976

15 Air Formation Signals
Royal Corps of Signals

Born: Leicester, Leicestershire 1909

Died: Chichester, Sussex 28 May 1944

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Royal Corps of Signals

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