Peter Buckley Carr

Peter Buckley Carr was born in Burnley, Lancashire in 1921.

He was the son of Buckley and Ruth Winifred Carr.

His father was the Rev Buckley Carr, Vicar of St Barnabas Church, Chorley Old Road, Bolton.

Peter attended Bolton Church Institute from 1931 (IL) to 1939 (VI) and was Deputy Head Boy in his final year.

He went to Oxford University to read History after leaving school.

His sister, Winifred Wetherell Carr, also attended Bolton Church Institute from 1920 (Prep I) to 1930 (VI).


Peter's War

Peter was commissioned from a Cadetship to Lieutenant on 4 October 1941 and served with the 4th Regiment, Reconnaissance Corps, Royal Armoured Corps.

Reconnaissance Regiments were organised into a headquarters squadron and three reconnaissance (or "recce") squadrons. Each recce squadron comprised three scout troops and an assault troop. Scout troops were equipped with Light Reconnaissance Cars and with Bren carriers. 

He was killed in action in Italy on 24 June 1944. No campaign in Western Europe cost more than the Italian campaign in terms of lives lost and wounds suffered by infantry forces.


Bolton Journal and Guardian
11 August 1944

“They thought the world of him”

The report a few weeks ago that Lt Peter CARR, son of the Rev Buckley CARR, had been killed in action came as a great shock to all who knew him at St Barnabas’ Church, where his career, with its successes both at school and at the university, had been followed with vivid interest and pleasure. Before joining the Army he served in the Sunday School as a teacher and successfully organised the Boys’ Brigade, and it was always a pleasure to hear him read the lessons in church. In a letter from Lt CARR’s Commanding Officer, quoted in his father’s Parish Magazine, it is stated that he was dearly loved by his own men and by all the squadron officers, and “his untimely death discloses a gap in the squadron which I can never hope to fill in quite the same way as he, with his attractive personality and originality, filled it.” Another of his officers writes “His death is a tremendous loss to the Regiment. I ranked him as one of my best officers.”




Peter Buckley Carr

Lieutenant 210342

4th Regiment
Reconnaissance Corps, R.A.C.

Born: Burnley, Lancashire 1921

Died: Italy 24 June 1944

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Reconnaissance Corps

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