Gordon Atkinson

Gordon Atkinson was born in Bolton on 28 September 1920.

He was the son of William and Doris Atkinson of 7 Laycock Avenue, Tonge Moor, Bolton.

His father, William Atkinson, was a clothing cutter.

Gordon had been a pupil of Castle Hill Council School and Devonshire Road Council School, Bolton before attending Bolton Church Institute between 17 September 1931 (IB) and 28 July 1936 (V).

His brother, Harold, attended Bolton Church Institute between 1930 and 1935 and also served as a Sergeant in the RAF.


Gordon's War

Gordon would have joined the RAF soon after leaving School in order to have become a Sergeant (aged just 19) by 1940. He flew with 105 Squadron in France during the German invasion.

His obsolete and hopelessly outclassed Fairey Battle fighter/bomber aircraft K9189 took off at 1540 on 14 May 1940 from Villeneuve-les-Vertus.

They were shot down over Donchery, just outside Sedan in northern France. All three crewmen were killed and are buried beside each other.

"On 14 May 1940, in a desperate attempt to stop German forces crossing the Meuse, the Advanced Air Striking Force launched an "all-out" attack by all available bombers against the German bridgehead and pontoon bridges at Sedan. The light bombers were attacked by swarms of opposing fighters and were devastated. Out of a strike force of 63 Battles and eight Bristol Blenheims, 40 (including 35 Battles) were lost. After these abortive raids, the Battle was switched to mainly night attacks, resulting in much lower losses."




Gordon Atkinson

Sergeant (Observer): 580557

105 Squadron
Royal Air Force

Born: 28 September 1920

Died: Donchery, France 14 May 1940

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