Harry Fielding

Harry Fielding was born in Bolton on 12 May 1884.

He was the son of Matthew and Esther Ann Fielding of 197 Chorley New Road, Bolton.

His father, Matthew Fielding, was a solicitor and founder of the Bolton legal firm which is now Fieldings Porter. He was also a Conservative councillor and served as Mayor of Bolton in 1890-91. He died in July 1915.

Harry started at the Church Institute on 19 January 1893 and later trained at the Agricultural College, Aspatria, Cumberland. He then ran Bannister Farm at Walshaw, Near Bury, Lancashire.

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Harry's War

Harry joined the Army Service Corps - probably because of his skill with horses, developed while farming. 

As a Driver in an ammunition column he would have been in charge of a team of horses and two other men, hauling tons of live ammunition straight to the front line for the field guns, the machine guns of the infantry and the rifles of all arms.

His contribution to the war effort would have been both essential and highly dangerous. The medium range German Artillery picked out ammunition columns in order to prevent the supply of ammunition reaching the front line.

The physical and mental stress of running a horse team through hostile fire may have worn his health down and made him succumb to disease only five months after he arrived in France.


Bolton Journal and Guardian
3 March 1916

A.S.C. Driver Dies from Pneumonia

News has reached Mrs. Fielding, at 197 Chorley New-rd., of the death from pneumonia at the Military Hospital, Havre, of Driver Henry Fielding, of the Army Service Corps, 46th Division Ammunition Column. The first intimation of his illness came last Wednesday, and he died that forenoon, being buried at Havre Cemetery with military honours. Driver Fielding enlisted on Dec. 28th, 1914, and had been in France since last September, having seen a good deal of hard service. He was the fourth son of the late Mr. Matthew Fielding, and much sympathy is felt for Mrs. Fielding and the family in this bereavement, following so soon upon the death of the head of the family. The deceased soldier was 32 years of age, and prior to joining the Army Service Corps was farming near Bury, having been trained at the Agricultural College, Aspatria, Cumberland, and afterwards with Mr. Jackson, of Tamworth, Warwickshire.



Harry Fielding

Harry Fielding

Driver: T4/039029

Army Service Corps

Born: Bolton 12 May 1884

Died: Le Havre, France 23 February 1916

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Army Service Corps

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