Arthur Brownhill

Arthur Brownhill was born in Bolton on 15 April 1893.

He was the son of Walter and Eleanor Brownhill of 10 Bark Street, Bolton.

He had four siblings, John, Stanley, Jane and Ada.

His father, Walter Brownhill, was proprietor of a building and concreting firm.

Arthur’s primary education in Bolton was at Clarence Street and Gaskell Street Council Schools, Bolton.

He attended Bolton Church Institute from 22 April 1907 to 29 July 1910 in Forms IIIB to IVB.

After School he was apprentice to his father as a builder.

His brother John attended Bolton Church Institute School from 22 April 1907 (Form IIIB) to 30 July 1909 (IVB) - the same Forms as Arthur.

Brownhill family tree - pdf

Arthur's War

Arthur was in the Army Reserve from 6 December 1915. He was mobilised on 12 June 1917. As part of the British Expeditionary Force in France he was a member of the Anson Battalion of the Royal Naval Division (effectively infantry in naval uniforms) in November 1917. He served as an Able Seaman, although the limit of his sea faring experience was crossing the English Channel.

He was in France for only a short time before being killed on 30 December somewhere near Cambrai.



Arthur Brownhill

Able Seaman: R/1681

Anson Battalion
Royal Naval Division

Born: Bolton 15 April 1893

Died: Cambrai, France 30 December 1917

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Anson Battalion Royal Naval Division

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